Welcome to the Route 2000 website

This website was set up by a group of parents and professionals who work together to provide an information service for families of children with disabilities and additional needs and professionals who work with them across the Doncaster borough.

It is now managed by members of the Doncaster parents' forum, Doncaster Parents' Voice (DPV), and has become the official website for DPV.

Find out about meetings and events that have been organised across the borough

Read all the latest news about what’s on offer for your family

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There are 4 ways that DPV provides information:

  • through the Route 2000 website and its Directory of information, support and advice
  • by working alongside the Carers Centre
  • by organising family and information events
  • through its quarterly newsletter

To find out about past information days and those being planned go to our Info Days page.

For more information about Route 2000 and DPV go to the About Us page.

The website comprises the Route 2000 Directory and provides links to other groups, details of events, consultations and relevant news.

To find out about DPV meetings and events go to the Meetings page.

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